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About 3 Fibs

3 Fibs Coffee & Wine is downtown’s new specialty coffee and wine bar.  3 Fibs is a sister store of Cavo Coffee and carries our in-house roasting company, Cleo Roasting Co.  We only serve the best arabica beans from carefully selected farms from South America, Africa, and Indonesia.  Our baristas are trained to pour great espresso single origin and blends.  Our roast profiles range from light to medium bodied coffees.


We are really happy to be partnering with Eadough Waffles for our morning and early afternoon menu.  Our menu is based on Liege waffles that are made with dough instead of batter.  Pearl sugar is also used in the dough which makes it caramelize creating a delicious treat.  We also have several savory waffles with unique toppings.


Later on in the afternoons and evenings, 3 Fibs will also offer great wines and charcuterie boards.  Our wines are mainly from South America and feature Casa Madero wines from Mexico.  Casa Madero is the oldest winery in the Americas and started 1597 & located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.  With over 400 years of winemaking experience, Casa Madero have won more than 900 medals in international competitions.  Our opinion is you cannot find higher quality wine at such a great price point.  Our charcuterie boards will also have a South American flair.


Why are we named 3 Fibs?  We are located on Main Street, right in front of Allen’s Landing.  At this location, in 1836, our founding brothers, Augustus and John Kirby Allen, wanting to make a fortune, bought 8,850 acres of prairie swamp-land.  They marketed it as “well-developed” and “steamboats run in the rivers” (they didn’t). The Allens marketed Houston with shameless promotion.  In reality, Houston’s beginning was full of mud & 50” of annual rainfall, the place was, flood-prone.  Then oil was found, settlers came in droves, and Houston was born.  OK, so the Allen Brother’s “Fibed” a bit.  But, it worked, and now Houston is a great cosmopolitan city, and a city we are proud to call home.  If you're interested to hear more about this story, I encourage you to read Lisa Gray’s article in the Houston Chronicle on May, 19, 2016.